LifePrint®GuideCenter® is a proprietary technology that allows you to view everything you own in one private and secure location online 24/7.

Do you know where all of your assets are and what they are worth?

You should and now you can...

LifePrint® GuideCenter® is a personal and financial website that makes getting organized and staying in control of your life simple.

Organize and monitor all of your investments and net worth in one convenient location.

It's one convenient location where all your personal data and life priorities are consolidated into one complete picture of you.

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View everything you own in one private and secure location online 24/7.

Track your most important life values and family goals.

Communicate with your Advisor, set reminders and prioritize any follow-ups and to-do-lists to help keep you on track and engaged.

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Store and view all of your important documents in the digital vault

  • bullet Life insurance policies
  • bullet Loan documents
  • bullet Wills & trusts
  • bullet Financial & Healthcare power of attorney docs
  • bullet House deeds
  • bullet Automobile titles
  • bullet Photos and more

Your privacy and security are top priority.

Access to your personal identifying information is limited by using a privileged access management policy, commercial-grade encryption on all email communication that includes non-public or personal financial information, and two-factor authentication.

Protecting your data.

Commercial-grade anti-virus and anti-malware protection are used to restrict the use of removable media and secure transmission of data using commercial-level encryption.

LifePrint® GuideCenter®

  • bullet Is a "view-only" website, you cannot move or transfer funds from this website
  • bullet Does not list or show any account numbers
  • bullet Is ISO 27001 Certified
  • bullet Cannot see your user names or passwords for institutions you connect
  • bullet Employs the highest security encryption: AES-256
  • bullet Employs a third-party security auditor

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