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We're fiduciaries required to act in your best interest and have transformed the "traditional wealth management" process!

By focusing our time to better understand our client's fears, hopes, and dreams, our goal is to empower YOU to make confident life and financial decisions no matter what you are faced with.

And because of this, we have found our true calling and unearthed the very reason for us to exist within the financial services industry.

  • July 2019

    RPG- Life Transition Specialists Re-brands to the New Name “Second Opinion Partners.”

    As we approach our 25th year anniversary – we couldn’t think of a better time to evaluate ourselves…CLICK TO READ MORE...

    along with our firm’s sense of identity. With our coveted “Second Opinion Review” playing the significant role it does, being at the forefront of every new relationship we embark upon, we knew that it was the right transition.

    Our new name and identity not only honors our commitment to our clients, it better demonstrates the proprietary services that make our team and the experience we deliver unique. Say hello to the re-invented Second Opinion Partners.

  • November 2011

    RPG – Life Transition Specialists is Interviewed by Money Magazine.

    Joshua Kadish provides Money Magazine insights on how the Great Depression of 2008…CLICK TO READ MORE...

    changed his client’s outlook on money, finance, debt and more. Read an expanded blog article regarding Joshua’s commentary on this topic or download the original 9-page exclusive survey piece by visiting our News & Education Resource Library HERE

  • December 2010

    RPG Re-brands to the Name “RPG – Life Transition Specialists.”

  • October 2010

    RPG Moves to a New Riverwoods, IL Office Location and Expands Their Team Further!

  • July 2010

    RPG Receives its first of ten Consecutive – Five Star Wealth Manager Awards through Chicago Magazine.

    RPG receives its first of ten consecutive – Five Star Wealth Manager Awards through Chicago Magazine…CLICK TO READ MORE...

    You can read an expanded blog article regarding this accomplishment and download the original Chicago Magazine 2-page piece article by visiting our News & Education Resource Library HERE

  • March 2009

    RPG Moves to a New Riverwoods, IL Office Location and Expands Their Team Again!

  • June 2008

    Retirement Planning Group Changes its Name to “RPG.”

  • February 2008

    Retirement Planning Group is Interviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

  • January 2004

    Retirement Planning Group Moves to a New Office in Northbrook, IL and Expands Their Team.

  • December 1997

    Retirement Planning Group Brand is Born.

  • October 1996

    Founding Members Open Their First Office in Glenview, IL.

  • October 1994

    Founding Members Begin Working with a Boutique Investment Advisory Firm located in Lisle, IL.

We are Life Transition Specialists.

We developed our proprietary LifePrint® Advantage process with one goal in mind – to improve the lives of our clients by offering them a complete holistic life and financial management service.

We’ve spent decades building a Team of vibrant professionals who are passionate about supporting our unique approach. And we have invested in best-in-class technologies and tools that can deliver an exceptional experience. Our goal is to educate, organize and empower you to maintain the confidence and clarity to live the life that you truly desire now and into your future.

Our system is designed to continually adapt to the changing world and your personal needs as you experience life’s many transitions ahead. It is for this reason that we affectionately refer to ourselves as “Life Transition Specialists.”


What We Do.

Our process involves a dynamic approach that considers the life you want to live now and in the future – while helping you to understand the tradeoffs necessary in order to get there. Our services focus on educating you in order to give you total control over your complete financial life. 

This unique approach provides a total financial life management service. After all, isn’t ensuring that you can live the life you want what a financial wealth advisor is supposed to do? 


  • bullet We help you identify and define what your version of True Wealth means
  • bullet We help you understand your current financial health and the future path you are on
  • bullet We educate you to understand the tradeoffs necessary to achieve your personal and financial life goals
  • bullet We simplify complex issues by providing you with the resources needed to help you make informed decisions with clarity
  • bullet We provide you with tools and technologies to organize your financial life data in one convenient, safe and secure location

Life Transitions are pivotal points you experience in your lifetime such as: changing jobs or careers, divorce, caring for/loss of a loved one, entering retirement, sale of a business or even just reaching the point where you need to find clarity in your life.

Why We Do It: Our Mission

Second Opinion Partners exists to educate and simplify people's lives while experiencing a life transition, empowering them to make critical life and financial decisions with clarity and confidence.

Meet Our Team

Each Team member at Second Opinion Partners brings a level of expertise, passion, and experience invaluable to the pursuit of our client’s successes. Preview our individual bio pages for additional information about who we are and what drives each of us to do what we do!

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