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Your career is a life-long process of growing, learning, and finding purpose.

Kickstart your new career with clarity and confidence by knowing your numbers.

Explore our online financial tool library to gain understanding about financial trade-offs you can make during a change of career transition to help you.

By knowing your numbers, you can move forward with confidence knowing you'll have enough no matter what life throws your way.

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No matter what direction your career path takes you, having an adaptable, practical, and proven financial lifestyle plan empowers you to live the lifestyle you desire now and in the future.

  • bullet Strike a financial balance between work and leisure to live the life you want to live NOW and in the FUTURE.
  • bullet Understand the steps needed to potentially accumulate the financial means you need to pursue retirement activities you desire.
  • bullet Understand the trade offs necessary to maintain your current lifestyle during a change of career.
  • bullet Create a saving and investment strategy that’s designed to support your risk tolerance, time lines and financial goals.

LifeStyle Financial Tools

Creating a sound financial plan requires you to spend less than you take in, and then find a way to put the excess money to work for you. You may be able to decrease your overhead in order to put some excess cash to work for you today.

Personal Finance Calculators

Monthly interest paid to credit cards, auto loans and more can dramatically impact your monthly budget and ability to save. You may be able to lower your overhead by consolidating debt or exploring potential loan payoff options.

Savings Finance Calculators

How much money should you really be saving and what rate of return should you strive to have the financial means necessary to support important life moments such as college and retirement?

Retirement Finance Calculators

Where will your retirement money come from? Once you have accumulated the estimated amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach will involve taking a close look at all of your potential retirement-income sources.

Tax Estimators Calculators

Understanding tax strategies and managing your tax obligations is a critical part of any sound financial plan. Some taxes can be deferred, while others can be managed through tax-efficient investing. With careful and consistent preparation, you can better manage the impact of taxes on your current and future financial outcomes.

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