Caring for/Loss
of a Loved One

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is an emotionally painful life transition that is often accompanied by difficult personal and financial decisions.

As lifespans continue to increase on average, many will be faced with the responsibility of caring for an aging loved one. This too requires you to make important personal and financial decisions on behalf of your loved one.

Don’t let the financial responsibilities of your loved one's passing take away from your time to grieve and heal.

We can help you stay organized and resourceful – so you can make the important decisions on how to move forward with clarity and confidence.

The last thing you will want to think about when a loved one passes or is in need of full-time care is their personal financial matters—especially when that someone is your parent, child or spouse.

With professional guidance and an adaptable plan in place, managing the finances of someone who has passed or is in need of care can be a lot less stressful to work through.

caring for a loved one

We can help you answer important questions such as:

  • bullet How will the loss of my loved one effect my current and future financial situation?
  • bullet How will the loss of my loved one or full time care requirement effect my social security benefits?
  • bullet What can I do to ease out of pocket costs such as premiums, deductibles and prescriptions?
  • bullet What type of Medicare resources are available to caregivers?
  • bullet What type of insurance coverages are available to lessen financial burdens of an unforeseen death or ongoing care requirement?
  • bullet What type of will & estate documents should I have in place to lessen the burden of care decisions and funeral arrangements?

Would you like more confidence and a clear understanding of your care and financial life situation?

Say hello to the LifePrint® Advantage.

LifePrint® Advantage will help you understand what drives the emotions that contribute to your financial mindset. Through a series of interactive discovery-based exercises, we will help you to align your decision-making with your ideal personal life situation.

By considering the bigger picture items, together we can identify the concerns and priorities that need to be addressed. So you can establish a personal care and financial life plan that allows you to make important decisions with clarity and confidence.

LifePrint® Advantage.

Our LifePrint® Advantage process will help you:

  • bullet Identify and clarify your personal goals
  • bullet Define a strategy to allow loved ones to make financial decisions and perform daily money management tasks
  • bullet Consider the trade-offs that are available when making important financial and/or care decisions
  • bullet Create an action plan to prioritize, implement and review your financial position ongoing
  • bullet Gain an understanding of your closest loved ones' goals and priorities

Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.
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We’ll help you plan for the future, so you can live more in the now!

By learning together our work will result in an individualized life and financial plan to help you maintain the level and quality of care you desire now and into your future.

We will proactively review and adapt your customized plan throughout the years as you and your loved ones move through life making important financial decisions with clarity and confidence.

Understand your bottom line at anytime.

We will support your life and financial course by providing you and your family with the tools and technologies that offer a real-time snapshot of your complete financial bottom line online 24/7.

Most important, we will be by you and your loved one's side to advise, answer questions and educate each person every step of the way.

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