Holistic Planning

Holistic planning is the process of pursuing life goals through the proper management of your resources.

Setting life goals, understanding your resources and establishing a plan to work toward reaching those goals are the backbone of our holistic planning services.

Shift your focus from financial decisions that daunt you, and visualize the life moments that inspire you instead.

Holistic Planning helps you discover a clear direction and the true meaning in your life.

Holistic Planning provides you with a deeper level of review and advice beyond traditional financial planning services.

By gaining an overview of your complete life picture, this allows you to understand how any financially related decisions directly affect the most important areas of your life.

Holistic Planning

Holistic Planning can help give more confidence that you'll have enough no matter what life throws at you.

Let’s face it, life is full of surprises. Wouldn’t it be nice to roll out a ready-made “what if” plan to get you through those challenges?

Our Holistic Planning approach will help you dissect and view each financial decision you make as a part of a whole, so you can consider any short and long-term effects on your life goals.

True Meaning of Life

Holistic Planning helps you:

  • bullet Adapt more easily to life transitions
  • bullet Gain a strong sense of security knowing that your personal goals can stay on track
  • bullet Define what your ONE BEST LIFE looks and sounds like
  • bullet Maintain financial confidence by understanding tradeoffs you can make at anytime
  • bullet Take control of your financial destiny at all times, no matter what life throws your way

How is a Holistic Planner different from a Financial Planner?

A holistic planner is concerned with the whole life picture of you. They are going to ask questions and listen carefully to your answers on how you feel about your family, the things that motivate and give you pleasure as well as things that give you concern.

A holistic analysis takes many non-financial elements into consideration and looks at your whole picture, not just your finances and investments. A true holistic planner will thoroughly examine and monitor your insurance, tax and estate planning situation regularly as well.

Is Holistic Planning right for you?

Holistic Planning is a mix of life coaching, behavioral finance and financial planning. We all want to do better, whether that’s pertaining to your finances or relationships. Holistic Planning takes all that into account to help you experience a deep-down discovery of what your ONE BEST LIFE means to you.

Holistic planning involves so many more unique phases of your life, not just the financial components. Through a series of ongoing communications, a variety of information will be discovered and then organized together into a cohesive whole life picture - we call this our LifePrint® Advantage.

We offer Holistic Planning to help you with:

  • bullet Prioritizing what's most important in life to you
  • bullet Understanding where you are financially today
  • bullet Cash management & budgeting
  • bullet Investment & savings strategies
  • bullet Life, health, disability & LTC Insurance
  • bullet Education funding
  • bullet Retirement income planning
  • bullet Tax & estate planning and more

Ready to experience the holistic planning difference?

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