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Changing your career, accepting a new position and corporate relocation are significant life transitions that shoulder important personal and financial related decisions.

With solid preparation and an adaptable financial life plan in place to guide you, we can help you to avoid common financial related mistakes.

Am I going to be OK? How long can I go without income? What is my minimum income requirement for my next job?

We’ll help you understand your options, so you can move ahead with clarity.


Over the course of three decades, we've helped thousands of people just like you navigate job transitions.

Your situation is unique and requires a tailored game plan that will help you move forward with clarity and confidence.

Understanding how much you need to cover your basic living expenses, how to handle employer retirement and insurance plans, managing your potential tax liability are all of utmost importance. It's also critical that you are able to take a step back and appreciate all of the positive things you have in your life and not let this bump in the road appear to be an unsurmountable mountain.

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We can help you answer important questions such as:

  • bullet How is this transition going to impact my short and long-term financial & life goals?
  • bullet Am I still on track to pay my bills, send my kids to college and one day retire?
  • bullet Where do I go first, second, etc. for money if I need it now?
  • bullet What do I do with my retirement accounts?
  • bullet What happens to my employer life/health/disability/Long-Term Care benefits?
  • bullet Should I go on COBRA?

Would you like to achieve balance – and a clear understanding of your financial situation?

Say hello to the LifePrint®Advantage.

LifePrint® Advantage will help you understand what drives the emotions that contribute to your financial mindset. Through a series of interactive discovery-based exercises, we will help you to align your decision-making with your ideal life.

By considering the bigger picture items in your life, together we can identify the priorities you need to address so you can navigate your career change transition with clarity and confidence.

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Our LifePrint®Advantage process will help you:

  • bullet Identify and clarify your personal goals
  • bullet Consider the trade-offs that come when making important financial decisions
  • bullet Create an action plan to prioritize, implement and review your financial position ongoing
  • bullet Gain an understanding of your closest loved ones' goals and priorities

Never regret a day in you life. Good days give you happiness & bad days give you the experience you need to grow.
– Author Unknown

We’ll help you plan for the future, so you can live more in the now!

By learning together our work will result in an individualized life financial plan to help you maintain the lifestyle you desire now and into your future.

We will proactively review and adapt your customized plan throughout the years as you move through life with financial clarity and confidence.

Review your bottom line at any time.

We provide you with advanced tools and technologies that offer you a real-time snapshot of your complete financial overview online 24/7.

Most important, we will be by your side to advise, answer your questions and educate you every step of the way throughout your career change transition.

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​Request your ​​COMPLIMENTARY ​​​Financial ​Survival Guide Here!

​This Helpful Guide to Financial Survival After Losing Your Job will help you learn how to:

  • ​Get cash when you need it
  • ​Protect your large investments
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by David Blaydes