Introduce your loved ones to our educational approach while initiating invaluable conversations to the importance of financial life planning.

Our Legacy Program empowers your loved ones so they can make future decisions with clarity and confidence, increasing the potential for them to LIVE THE LIFE THEY WANT.

The Legacy Program engages your closest family to receive our coveted Second Opinion Review service (at no cost).

Would you like to help your loved ones find out if they are on the right financial path to reach their goals?

Welcome to our Legacy Program.

Whether it be helping them to develop their first financial life plan or providing them with a Second Opinion Review of their current course – we will examine their existing investments, insurance, tax, and estate planning documents and address anything in question.

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Our Legacy Program will educate your loved ones to:

  • bullet Understand if their current lifestyle is sustainable or can be improved in the future
  • bullet Appreciate all they have today and identify trade-offs that may be needed in the future
  • bullet Identify gaps in investment, insurance, tax and estate planning areas of their life where they could make improvements.

There is no obligation to use our services further.

We are independent fiduciaries.

Your family’s best interest is first and foremost when engaging them in our Legacy Program. We’re here to educate, not sell. We can help them implement the recommendations, they can do it themselves or instruct their existing professionals if they so choose.

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The Legacy Program value

  • bullet Provides the gift of financial education to your children or parents.
  • bullet Deliver your family more confidence knowing that you have the means to overcome future Life Transitions.
  • bullet Have your family meet us (before an emergency or emotional situation occurs) to help ensure smooth communication in the event of a Life Transition.

Ready to help your closest family members learn about their current and future financial situation?

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