Opinion Review

Want to know if your current financial priorities can support the lifestyle you want today and into your future OR if there are areas where you can do better?

With a Second Opinion Review, you’ll know exactly where you stand today and you’ll gain a better understanding of the expectations for the years ahead.

Most of us would seek a second opinion before undergoing a procedure or new treatment…Why should your personal financial life be any different?

What is a Second Opinion Review?

It's the same approach you would take if you went to a doctor and were diagnosed with a condition, but focused on your personal financial life.

Our most coveted specialty service, a Second Opinion Review provides a comprehensive assessment of your complete “financial health.” Based on the goals we discuss with you during a preliminary consultation, we will perform a review and offer a diagnosis of any discovered financial obstacles you have or could potentially face in the future.

A Second Opinion Review will educate you to:

  • bullet Understand if your current lifestyle is sustainable or can be improved in the future.
  • bullet Appreciate all you have today and identify trade-offs that may be needed in the future.
  • bullet Identify gaps in investment, insurance, tax and estate planning areas of your life where you could make improvements.

I already have an existing financial planner, CPA and attorney.

Is a Second Opinon Review Right for me?

Absolutely! Engaging us for a Second Opinion Review does not obligate you to use us to implement any of the changes we recommend. You can elect to make modifications on your own or work with your existing relationships if you choose.

second opinion advisor working

The Second Opinion Review Value

  • bullet No obligation to use our services further.
  • bullet Transparent fee-for-service structure.
  • bullet Double check to ensure you’re on the right financial path to reach your goals.

A Second Opinion Review is meant to empower you so that you can move forward through life and make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Getting a Second Opinion Review. How does it work?

For a one-time fee, we will educate you as to what you currently have in investments, insurance, tax, and estate planning documents and provide you with a detailed outline including recommendations to help address any gaps discovered on your current course.

We are independent fiduciaries.

Your best interest is first and foremost. We’re here to educate you on what you have, not sell you on products you don't need or understand. We can help you implement the recommendations we make if you want...or, you can do them on your own or with your existing professionals if you so choose.

Ready to gain newfound clarity about your personal financial life?

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about our coveted Second Opinion Review.

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