Anna Erdman

Director of First Impressions

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Why I Do What I Do...

The best part of my role is knowing that I get to work with clients firsthand to help them kick start and continue their journeys with us from step one. Whether it’s setting up an intro call to pulling documents, knowing that they feel confident after hanging up the phone gives me joy!

Hearing the client’s smile over the phone is something I look forward to everyday. Whether it’s answering a question for them, getting them booked for an appointment, or just chatting about their day; Reminds me why I love what I do.

Knowing that I work alongside a Team that cares as much for their clients as they do for their Teammates, is something I am incredibly proud of.

Life Moments I Cherish The Most

  • bullet Graduating from NEIU (first out of my siblings and the youngest!)
  • bullet First solo travel trip to Columbia
  • bullet The Anderson/Dahlgren Cousins Christmas party
  • bullet Teaching and performing in China
  • bullet Watching Christmas movies with mom and sisters every year
  • bullet Finishing my TEFL in 3 months

Second Opinion Partners Role

Anna is the Director of First Impressions. She is in charge of all incoming phone communications, scheduling client appointments, and performing general office and administrative tasks.

Anna also manages preparations and set up for client visits, to include facilitating specialty requests and more to ensure the Ultimate Client Experience.

Educational Background

Anna attended Northeastern Illinois University where she graduated in 2020 with a degree in English.

Second Opinion Partners