Rebecca Maher

Client Concierge

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Why I Do What I Do...

The most rewarding part of my role here at Second Opinion Partners is when I can speak with a client to reassure them that opening their new account or completing their service request will be a smooth, no-hassle process.

I work to provide clients with a level of service that exceeds their expectations. I do this by delivering an upbeat, friendly voice over the phone and shorter than expected turnaround times when processing their paperwork.

Though it may sound cliche, our clients really do treat us like family! I am always amazed at how kind and courteous the clients are, especially when I was the newest member of the Team. Working to help such warm-hearted people makes me really look forward to coming into the office every day.

Life Moments I Cherish the Most

  • bullet Graduating High School
  • bullet Getting married
  • bullet Graduating from The Conservatory of Music Academy
  • bullet The Birth of my 2 sons: Brayden & Robert
  • bullet Starting my journey to get fit and live a healthy life
  • bullet Buying our 1st home

Second Opinion Partners Role

Rebecca is a Client Concierge at Second Opinion Partners. She organizes, submits and follows up with client-facing communications and internal Partner Teams regarding paperwork requirements to open and fund new accounts.

Rebecca also assists in servicing and updating client accounts to ensure they have the Ultimate Client Experience.

Educational Background

Rebecca graduated from Zion Conservatory of Music receiving a Certificate of Music.

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